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DX317 is a hybrid 3D stack 200x150 fully integrated LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) camera sensor which allows to address 3D applications such as gesture recognition, active controls, real world acquisition. It is specifically designed for operation in low power mobile platforms such as pc camera, tablet pc, and cellular phone. The sensor implements SPAD pixel technology. When used in combination with a pulsed IR light source, this sensor can return correlation data, from which depth and confidence images at 200 x 150 resolution can be derived. It operates with four power supply voltages: analog 2.7 V, pixel -20 V, digital 1.2 V and 1.8V for input / output interface. It contains an integrated illumination controller and can be configured and controlled through an SPI Interface. In addition, this product is designed for use in pc camera, tablet pc, and cellular phone.


  • Hybrid 3D Stack
  • 3D LiDAR technology with high sensitivity SPAD detection
  • Delivers high SNR, wide dynamic range and no multi-path reflections
  • 10um x 10 um BSI pixels
  • 200 x 150 SPAD Detection And Ranging pixels
  • I2C slave interface for configuration and control
  • SPI Master for peripheral configuration
  • TDC frequency up to 30GHz(5mm LSB)
  • Dynamic spot tracking
  • Fast on-chip histogram processing
  • Sub-nanosecond light pulse
  • Sunlight on-chip rejection filter and algorithm
  • Programmable Repetition rate
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